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> Battlefield Server Rules
post Mar 15 2010, 07:20 AM
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General Server Rules

No Cheating/Glitching/Hacking - PERMANENT BAN & Reported to EA
No Abusive Behaviour (includes Racism and personal insults) - KICK/BAN (Racism is always a ban)
No Unnecessary TeamKills - KICK/BAN
No Uncap Baseraping - KICK/BAN
No Disruptive behaviour (includes forcing TK's) -KICK/BAN depending on severity.

General Rules

We allow ALL weapons; don't complain about 'nooby' weapons
Autobalance is on
Punkbuster takes auto screenshots and is streaming from psb/pbbans
Friendly Fire is Off

Base Raping

Base Raping - This rule is to prevent people entering uncappable bases (as in the main deployment base that can’t be captured) and killing people as they spawn.

This is common rule amongst servers. A bit of firing in the direction of an uncap is allowed, entering the uncap to kill people is forbidden. Please use common sense on where you think the uncap is – if you sit and drop mortars on an uncap or camp near the entrance for prolonged periods you are liable to be warned or kicked. Obviously if you can't enter an uncap this also prohibits stealing of vehicles from an uncap. Stealing an abandoned vehicle outside of the uncap area is allowed though

Base Boundaries

Use common sense. If in doubt keep back a little or ask an admin. If you can see players spawning, chances are you are too close.

Locked Squads

We do allow locked squads however; please don’t lock the squad with a single member


We do not allow other clans to recruit on our servers. Players doing say may be warned/kicked or banned in repeat cases.


Our server has Autobalance automatically enabled. There is a threshold of 2 before it kicks in e.g. teams may be unbalanced by a total of 2 players before teams are autobalanced.

If you wish to be moved to another team you should be able to do this as long as the teams are still balanced (e.g. less than 2 player difference) - or ask an admin ( we can move players at our discretion and as long as game is fairly balanced)

Autobalance only switches players when they die – some rounds may remain unbalanced for a little while before this is possible.

We do occasionally balance the teams manually - e.g. if the player numbers are balanced, but 1 team has a load of high scoring players while the other team are privates. This is to keep the general balance of the game.

* Note* currently autobalance is broken. We may ask players to switch teams. In the event of severe team stacking we may kick players from the larger team to make space for new players to join.

Rounds per Map:

Currently our server plays all maps in rotation, with 2 rounds of each map. This may change at the discretion of admin

Reporting Players:

If you believe a player is breaking server rules or cheating, please contact an admin. If no admins are present please report it on the website.

When reporting a player you MUST provide a player name, it’s very annoying to have players shouting “OMFG YOU CHEAT!” into the chat.. never to be heard from again. Any accusations of cheating will be thoroughly investigated.

If players ‘cry wolf’ e.g. make repeated unfounded accusations of cheating/rule breaking, they may be warned, kicked or banned. Admins typically try to investigate any players accused of cheating, so repeatedly reporting many players or players who've already been checked is essentially wasting admin time. It also doesn't make the server look good if all the ingame text is like 'omfg noob h4x' especially when we've stopped our own games to investigate alleged cheating.

Intentional TK’s

While the server is currently running as Friendly Fire OFF, in future if we turn friendly fire on and a player intentionally TK’s they may be warned, kicked or banned. TK’ing is not acceptable for any reason so excuses such as ‘but the noob stole my vehicle while I was repairing it so I blew him up’ is not an excuse. This includes intentionally hitting a friendly chopper with a rocket because you didn't get a space.

If someone is playing in an anti-social way, please report them to the admins.


All weapons/kits are allowable. We do not restrict weapons or kits regardless of team composition or numbers. Repeated moaning about things e.g. grenade launchers is liable to get you warned/kicked


Our server allows people to use the jump key.


We don't mind some friendly banter (it's a 16+ game after all!) Please remember the rules regarding abusive behaviour though. Racists will be banned


Chat logs are recorded for reference
Punkbuster screenshots are taken at random & regularly, we also perform manual PB requests.
The server is streaming the MBL (master ban list) from punksbusted and streams on the fly to pbbans.
We keep the hack .dll and MD5 checks up to date (normally weekly)
We reservce the right to log the hash and IP details of players on the server for the purpose of identifying cheats.

Rules are subject to change without notice.


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post Mar 15 2010, 07:51 AM
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Knight Lieutenant

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Looks good to me


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post Aug 7 2016, 10:47 AM
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I don't see the jailing policy enforced much, is that still relevant?

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