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> BF2 Server Rules, For Battlefield 2 Players
post Aug 31 2007, 12:36 PM
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=SM= has now ceased BF2 operations. Thanks for your support

This post is now superceeded by the BC2 rules section: http://www.sneakymonkeys.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1325


General Server Rules

No Cheating/Glitching/Hacking - PERMANENT BAN & Reported to EA
No Abusive Behaviour (includes Racism and personal insults) - KICK/BAN
No Unnecessary TeamKills - KICK/BAN
No Baseraping - KICK/BAN
No Disruptive behaviour (includes forcing TK's/flashbanging own team etc.,) - KICK

General Rules

We allow ALL weapons, don't complain about 'nooby' weapons
We allow fighting commander
Autobalance is on
Punkbuster takes auto screenshots - see PB section for info. Battlerecorder is enabled
Don't make repeated votes.

Base Raping

Base Raping - This rule is to prevent people entering uncappable bases (the ones with the red circle/line through them) and killing people as they spawn. This is common rule amongst servers. Firing at an uncap is allowed, entering the uncap to kill people is forbidden. Please use common sense on where you think the uncap boundaries are, if in doubt keep back a little or ask an admin.

Baseraping with no admins present (or admins on alt accounts), may result in a retrospective bans if reviewed at a later date in battlerecorder. This carries a standard 48 hour ban. More extreme or persistant cases of baserape may result in longer or perma bans, at the discretion of the admin.

The exception to this for special operations players, who may enter the uncaps to destroy commander resources e.g. UAV/Satellite/Artillery. Special Forces players may defend themselves if attacked. Being a Special Forces player doesn't allow you to baserape - the commander assets should be your primary target.

Fighting Commander:

We do allow our commanders to fight, but only if they are commanding to a satisfactory level.

You should not make yourself commander if you intend to use commander assets for yourself alone or as a means of attaining double points at the end of round.

If it is felt you are not acting for the good of the team, you may be kicked to make room for another commander.


Our server has Autobalance automatically enabled. There is a threshold of 2 before it kicks in e.g. teams may be unbalanced by a total of 2 players before teams are autobalanced. If you wish to be moved to another team you should be able to do this as long as the teams are still balanced (e.g. less than 2 player difference) - or ask an admin ( we can move players at our discretion and as long as game is fairly balanced)

We do occasionally balance the teams manually - e.g. if the player numbers are balanced, but 1 team has a load of high scoring players while the other team are privates. This is to keep the general balance of the game.

Rounds per Map:
Since our server plays karkand 24/7 currently we set this to 99 rounds per map. In the event of using additional maps we would set the rotation to 2 rounds per map. This setting is at the discretion of the server admin.

Voting Systems:

We do allow players to kick vote or mutiny against other plays. However if making a vote of any type, you MUST GIVE A REASON for the vote. You may attempt a vote on a player twice in a round, if the votes are unsuccessful do not repeatedly make kick votes, these are annoying and will get you kicked yourself.
If you have a specific reason for the vote that is not being addressed, e.g. you think the person is cheating, please report this to an in-game admin or on our website. Any cheating reports will be investigated.

Repeated Punishes:

While we believe people should be free to forgive and punish players for teamkilling, we also believe that players should not abuse this system. If a player teamkills on purpose, report this to an admin and they will be warned/kicked/banned as appropriate. If the teamkilling is accidental then use your judgement to forgive or punish.
Sadly some players abuse this position to always punish. It is our belief that some teamkills are the result of the teamkiller and some are the result of the person that actually dies e.g. running into an area that is already being bombarded with grenades.
As such we would like to create an air of mostly forgive, but punish the few stupid individuals where appropriate, rather than the more usual punish everyone.
To enforce this we will kick anyone that punishes as a matter of course unless they can justify this. Usually 3 punishes (with no forgives) in a row will earn the punisher a kick - remember its a game, there's no reason to be a cock just because some people make the odd mistake.


C4 & Clays ARE allowed, Please remember friendly fire is ON, so team-mates will trigger claymores. C4/Clays are allowed on flags (as the flag area is large an can never be completedly covered by these explosives) - We do not allow clays to be placed on spawnpoints - this will result in a kick.


Our server allows people to use the jump key.


The language filter is not active, this is at the discretion of the admin and may change. We don't mind some friendly banter (it's a 16+ game after all!) Please remember the rules regarding abusive behaviour though.


Chat logs are recorded for reference
The server is streaming the MBL (master ban list) from punksbusted and streams on the fly to pbbans.
We keep the hack .dll and MD5 checks up to date (normally weekly)


Our server runs battlerecorder 24/7. The files are stored on the server, with the last 15 files (around 24 hours) worth available to the public on http://sneakymonkeys.com/demos
If you are reporting a player for cheating or rule breaking when no admins are online, please give the date/time so that the match can be reviewed in battlerecorder.

PB screenshots are taken automatically and is streaming to punksbusted/pbbans, screenshots are available to members at all times.
We make screenshots available to public on request on the forums (although we will strip GUID/IP info from them)
We allow PBBans hub announcements - abuse of this service may result in kicks/bans

Making Room on a server:

We do not operate reserved slots, we will however kick a player to make room for a clan member. We will usually try to remove the player with the lowest score or ask the clan member to wait if the game is due to end shortly.

We now also kick to make room for people using our Teamspeak server, so if the servers full, drop onto teamspeak and we'll see what we can do.

Complaining about Rules:

Our rules in general are voted on by the clan members. If you have issue with certain aspects e.g. the use of unlocks, jumping or fighting commander. Please feel free to voice that in these forums. Ultimately the clan members decide these rules. Constant complaints in the server or insults based on the above rules (unlock noob etc.,) which can disrupt gameplay may result in your being kicked or banned.

Rules are subject to change without notice.
Previously updated 13/11/2007 (changed to include FF ON clays rules)
Last updated 07/06/2008 (changed 18+ to 16+ requirements)


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