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Well hello, there!

And finally we meet.
For long time now, I've thought that I would make an application for the Sneaky clan. And this rainy Sunday may be the most appropriate day for it.

I'm Silja, few months away from the 27th birthday. Mechanical engineer, married, two cats. Located somewhere in the misty forests of Finland.

I do not play games. Anymore, except Chivalry. But only 736 hours yet. Mostly I play on the weekends, early in the morning and during the day. And sometimes there's just no room for playing, you know, full-time work, hobby, other type of relaxing.. So there will be times you won't find me, and times when it feels I'm playing 24/7 (Trust me I'm not).

Yes, I'm the one MAA in the Santa hat. Sometimes a knight with a maul. And praising the Farmer!
What it comes to game tactics, I only play for entertainment. I don't take it too seriously (except one time long ago when I really had my blood pressure gone up with Wincent Walentine, sorry! But I think we made a truce). I do not LMB or feint - and - I don't give a shit if someone does :> It's just not my piece of cake, but I don't see why people get too upset when someone does that.

Sometimes taking a part in the chat, laughing for funny jokes ("Tim" got one that I can't get over with, it's just too hilarious). Sometimes I'm only playing, but still following the chat. Polite and obeying the rules. Maybe the extraordinary thing is that I do not gather friends to my Steam account, so don't even try smile.gif I like my little privacy.

So why I'm applying?
Well - when I'm playing in the early weekends, there's no =SM='s in the field. And at the same time I find a lot of racism and not-polite behaviour towards other players. And that disgusts me.
So the mice are on the table when the cats are gone (but why my fat cat is in front of my screen at the moment).

And now, it's time to play!
Welcome to the forums RedCherry!

I'm afraid we've just closed our recruitment for the time being, as our top guy MonkeyFiend is quite busy at the moment.

In the meantime you could get to know the members a bit more, I play when I get the time in the evenings smile.gif
Hi Raven!
And thank you for the information smile.gif

I must have been too excited when logging in the forums, as all I saw was an open recruitment announcement. Yet I recall someone did say the other day in-game that it's closed..

Well, on we go!
I'll salute you if we bump into each other in the server :>
Well hopefully in the not-too-distant future we can open it again biggrin.gif

You've made such a nice application, would be a shame to go to waste! wink.gif Hope you still want to join when the time comes.

I'll have to try and catch you in-game! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get on your friends list someday! haha
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