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post May 15 2010, 09:27 AM
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If you have been banned from the game servers and wish to appeal a ban, please make a post in this area.

Firstly read our server rules here: http://www.sneakymonkeys.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1747

If you've been found to be in breach of the rules, a ban is made. The ban may be temporary or permanent.
You can appeal the ban by making a post in the 'ban appeals' section

Please provide as much info as possible. The decision of lifting or retaining the ban usually remains with the admin that banned you. In some circumstances the clan as a whole may vote on the ban.
If the ban is upheld we will leave the post containing any information we have on you publically available.

It would be helpful if you could make a ban appeal using the following format:

Date: Date of when the ban occurred (approximate if unsure)
Time: Time of when the ban occurred. GMT if possible
Steam: Link to your steam profile here
Admin who issued the ban : Name of the admin that banned you. Leave blank if unknown
Additional information: Any useful or necessary information for your appeal including links to screenshots/videos etc
Situation: Explain the situation from your side when the ban happened

I'll put this in big bright text: Generally we don't want to hear about your excuses or justification for breaking the rules, simply acknowledge that a rule was broken and move on. We certainly don't want to hear why you think our rules should be changed. There is quite a few posts on the reasons why we have the rules we do. The rules themselves are voted on by clan majority and being the world #1 server, we assume these rules contribute to at least some popularity, so it's unlikely we'll change them. We're not looking to debate the rules (actually we will happily debate the rules in appropriate topics on the forum (a ban appeal is not an appropriate topic)). Going down this path is frankly annoying and demonstates either you don't understand the rules or you understand them and don't give a shit. "Appeals" filled with that kind of nonsense are likely to be lengthened, closed outright or made permanant

Complaints relating to clan member behavior can be passed to an independant 3rd party for mediation.

If you have received a VAC ban, we cannot (nor would we want to) remove these. For appealing bans of this type visit steam and create a support ticket.

For the most part it's pretty simple: You've broken some rules and been banned. All we're really looking for is acceptance of your understanding that you've broken the rules and an acknowledgement that it won't happen again e.g 1 sentence like "I said a racist word/TKed on purpose, I broke the rules, won't happen again" - for that we'd almost certainly unban you. Starting off with insults and claims of unjust bans will likely see the ban increased or made permanent

=SM= MonkeyFiend


Please note: the good old "banned for no reason", "banned for being too good" etc., - if you post this in a ban appeal you're basically implying the admin is abusing their powers. We take this very seriously and any admin caught kicking or banning people for things not covered in the rules would be removed from the clan and possibly banned from the server.

Conversely making this accusation without any evidence is likely not to go down well - we spend a lot of effort making sure the admins are behaving correctly and having someone making baseless and serious accusations is annoying to say the least. If you really do feel you were banned without reason lodge it as an abuse of powers post and include any evidence. If you don't, such general barbs are likely to result in either people ignoring your 'ban appeal' or it being increased or made permanent. The entire point of a ban is that you broke the server rules in some way. Now we're not dickheads, we don't particularly want to ban anyone however if you've broken the rules you get a ban. Typically what we'd like to see in a ban appeal thread is acknowledgement that the rules were broken, contrition and a statement that it won't happen again - that's pretty much the perfect ban appeal. We're not really interested in hearing excuses of why you think you were justified in breaking the rules. "oh but he started teamkilling me first!" - just makes you come across as a child


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