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> KOF vs SM / SM vs KOF
Playla Diamond
post Dec 23 2021, 05:47 PM
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Hello honorable Player of SM

it dont seems fair/nice to ban all KOF-members,
the most are innocent and dont know about the rumors.

in the past you(members of sm) told me(summarized) that this game attracts troublemaker/trolls,
and i have to deal with it, and i shouldnt judge all or a complete server...
conzentrate on the trolls and report it...

Monkeyfiend, i know that your server and your clan is an affair of the heart for you, and that someone ddos/attack it, IS NOT OK!

the most KOF player are honorable player too, just play and have fun, and a lot dont even know about a twist between clans,
or dont care about it, or other never play on EU/SM server becouse of ping.
And when i was talking to someone of kof about it, he reasked me if i really believe the rumor that kof is responsible for the ddos attack???
- i couldnt answer yes....

i dont do that to bring up the gasoline for a bigger fire,
and i dont want now that everybody is texting about little fart of conflicts there ever was with KOF or SM under it,

i also had disagreements with sm & kof members, but sometimes its necessary to get to know each other better.
and yes i know about some private conflicts some members of both clans are involved- they should clear it too!
i hope for, but thats a different problem, what dont belong in a public discussion..

For the most like me this game become more than just a game, its a second home and a place to forget or talk about problems,
or just fool around and having a fun time;)

there have to be another way to solve the problem, this game is dying and there are just 3 playable server
-at the moment for me sometimes just 1- only FFA and i can not play missions;(
-becouse brokeback appears very late for eu player.

so i ask for 2 things
can the clan founder pls talk to each other? maybe monkeyfiend and foose to solve the problem?
and can i get unban for just beeing in another clan, i never was ban before, and i try my best not to get;)
i dont know if it is necessary that every single KOF member have to ask here for getting unban,
or there is an option to lift the ban- thats up to you...

to all- respect the game & the player, if there are problems pls dont bring the innocent into your conflict!
there are other ways than ban or ddos attack, maybe a fistfight or someone gives in and say sorry!
or buy your enemy a pizza and give ya a hug;)

see the complete, and lets start the new year with new options of a better playing together!

feel free to contact me private in here if you got questions, i dont want that everybody use this here without having a plan,
or without the right informations!

i dont feel well to bring that up in here becouse i dont got all the informations about it too, but some,
and to play on both server and got no problem with no player of both sides make me feel standing between the lines...

best regards & stay healthy & merry christmas

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Sir Robin (not s...
post Dec 25 2021, 04:11 PM
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Knight Lieutenant

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Hello and happy holidays.

I haven't seen KOF members being banned just because they're KOF. I've seen KOF members being banned because they break the server rules.

As far as I know, SM is not trolling or attacking KOF in any way, so if you want peace all you need to do is stop trolling SM.
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Playla Diamond
Playla Diamond
post Dec 25 2021, 07:27 PM
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Hello Robin,
hope you got a great christmas;)

the kickreason say whan a KoF-member try to play on SM 64-server "STANDING BAN FOR ALL KoF MEMBERS"
since a few month

there was no reason to ban me, or the player i talked to, and im sure someone in here can tell you more about it, that all player used KoF tag in the past are banned,
this was made with a programm(dont know the excactly discription)
so the banreason is-to be in another clan for me

nobody said that SM is trolling or attacking Kof, and me never was trolling SM....

for sure trolls should be ban for trolling everywhere, but thats not the point, the point is " ALL KoF-members"

i cant send a screenshot from pc into here, i see no option of this, just for sending a link...
i will try to send it to you on pn in here
a screen of this was upload on steam by someone, and a SM member told me that i should give them the info to bring it in here under public discussion, i did it with a link to this page, but nobody did so i did...

i have to say it again im not here to starting trouble...

continue to enjoy christmas, thank you for the answer

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post Dec 26 2021, 11:13 AM
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Security and Projects

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Thanks for the post. The decision to ban all players using a KoF tag was mine. It's an auto-ban rather than instigated by an admin. The ban is permanent.

The reason for this is following on from the ddos attacks that have plagued SM intermittently for the last year. While we were being attacked, initially it was guessed it was being done by players on Brokeback as a means to fill the server as well as some personal issues against one of our admins, we then confirmed it was the player "Karen", a regular rather than member on Brokeback, performing the ddos attacks via a bunch of VPNs.

Ironically when SM had been attacked we've seen reprisal attacks against Brokeback and even official servers. In an attempt to try and harbour some good will I shared the technical details of the attacks on us with DankLongReindeer.

However the behaviour of KoF generally has been appalling from start to finish. Aside from some KoF members claiming responsibility for the attacks, which muddied the waters, the amount of hateful and gloating messages posted either in game, discord etc., has just been frankly shocking.
Now I'm aware not every KoF member may be like this. However pretty much the majority of dealings we've had with KoF have been overwhelmingly negative.

While trying to get to the bottom of the attacks we turned some longer standing KoF players and not one but two have helped out with evidence of stuff posted internally between KoF members. While it became obvious it was not KoF responsible for the ddos attacks directly, the stuff being posted about SM was frankly appalling, cringy and pathetic ranging from talk of doxxing to planning actual ddos attacks. Just super childish stuff that I want no part of.

At this point it's now irrelevant that the attacks are from a regular player on Brokeback, it's now that the various actions of KoF have subsequently have earned a blanket ban.

In fact after we couldn't stop the attacks on the server provided by NFOservers (due to lack of granular firewall control) we were going to shut the server down. One of the things that prompted us to re-open the server was some of the hateful good-riddance type messages from KoF members who delighted that'd we'd have to close our doors.

I placed the tag ban as a permanent ban. I'm sick of spending time trying to keep a clanky unstable old game server afloat to then have KoF members join, misbehave, troll, gloat or attempt to get people to join their server.
Of course, we started a proportionate response of banning individuals for breaking the rules but then of course obviously we started seeing alts joining and continuing to cause trouble. So the blanket ban became the final action after various individual bans.

SM has run since 2006. In that time we've placed a blanket clan ban twice previously. Once for a clan that widespread cheated and once for a clan of trolls who harassed and hounded a disabled player. So that's now 3 times in 15 years, I hope this demonstrates the seriousness of the actions, that this is not something we take lightly.

Honestly at this point, SM has the servers now paid up for another 10 months, so attacking the server will bring it down for an hour or a day, but otherwise it'll just pop back up. Likewise someone not happy about being forced off the SM server has ddos attacked brokeback and other servers. As much as I've tried to stop this I can't really argue passivity in the face of the server being attacked repeatedly. The logic being if the player attacking SM won't let people play here, why should they and their friends get to play unhindered. In a game that's a decade old with a couple of hundred players this kind of tit for tat attacks are just going to lead to the game dying out. It's now at the point where SM gets attacked, every other server gets attacked in reply. I've long said this is idiotic. But ddos attacks of this kind through a VPN can't be stopped by us, by brokeback or anyone else.

While I appreciate the KoF ban may target a few innocent players, unfortunately this is necessary because of the actions of the majority and due to the use of alts.

At this point KoF are auto-banned and it's my sincere hope that I nor other members of SM need have any interactions with KoF ever again.
Literally you guys are a US based server, we shouldn't even have the same player base. Honestly I just don't want to hear about KoF as you're pretty irrelevant to chivalry or SM except when the attacks start.
I'll just focus on the SM servers and leave you guys to do whatever you want on your server, preferably with out trying to threaten us or drum up more drama

Ultimately there is currently nothing, outside of a clan majority vote, that would make me lift this ban.
We've gone well past the point of peace between SM and KoF as there is too much bad blood. But I would like a truce on the attacks, ddos, threats and postings and hopefully this will be achievable.

p.s. I've already asked members to keep away from your servers and not to message your members on steam. So you shouldn't be getting people messaging you and starting anything from our side. If however this does happen, send me the evidence and I'll deal with it.
p.p.s If ex-KoF want the ban lifted they can apply on the forum, but the tag ban remains


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Playla Diamond
post Dec 26 2021, 11:24 PM
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this sounds like its carved in stone...and it would be a good script for a netflix docu
so much history and so much trouble, i couldnt imagine.

i did this post on my own- nobody of the other Kofs know about it,
if i can bring no good news, so i will bring nothing- maybe this is better...

i think it will be the best to hope for silence if there can not be peace.

thank you for telling me all that
and dont get me wrong that i was trying to change something,
my motives was and still are positive.
im still interested in getting unban,
there was no trouble ingame with me during 2 years
i can play without the kof tag on your server

i am not a risk, got better things to do than becomming an IT specialist to destroy a videogame

wish ya the best and stay healthy

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Queen Munchkin
post Dec 29 2021, 08:56 AM
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I wanted to write this for a while but didn't see an opportunity until now. I want to leave this shit behind in 2021 and move on.

Only 2 people from Brokeback approached me personally and wanted peace and were decent. The rest? Stayed quiet with popcorn enjoying the drama or stirred more shit mixed with hatred.

I'm sure there are decent people in their server. I've seen some myself and they just want to play and not be involved in drama. Such people are welcome to also play on SM. They don't have KOF tags so the ban wouldn't apply to them either.

However I am DONE trying to prove to people who suffer from confirmation bias that SM aren't bad, ddosers, hackers, communists and whatever they called us.

I previously tried in the past to see if KOF can help with this ddosing issue. Instead they turned it all back on US, found the situation opportunistic and profitable. Made fun of it and decided that we deserve our fate......I believe in the good of people but I'm not an idiot either.

Before this ddoser, I never knew KOF or Brokeback existed. We never talked shit about them. However, for some reason they have wanted to compare themselves to us, engage some weird competition and blatant SLANDER.

I will split this into TWO parts in different replies because it will be very lengthy.


1) So how did this all start?

We've been attacked by ddos for 11 months. The targeting & server crashing started before I became an admin.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5RzuqHUtTc

After I became an admin he continued to crash the server, this time with personal threats. He was accompanied by a KOF member who was trolling in chat at the same time. This was around March. I also kept track of the attacker's names so I am prepared for future encounters. I noticed this he had KOF and Foose in his name and accounts.

2) Then what?

I wanted to find out who's crazy enough to waste their free time ddosing a server on almost dead game. I asked someone what KOF is and was told its from the Brokeback server but they gave me few warnings:

Our server got crashed one night, so I decided to join Brokeback to see what's going on. When I joined, indeed some started to be toxic to me like RetroactiveAbortion. Some joked with a player named Melissa, saying "Didn't you have other nicknames?". I checked the profile and it turns out it was the ddoser. Then I started to record and captured this. Yes my framerate sucked because of some weird custom map

Attacker spots me and tries to tk.
Video: [ https://streamable.com/9tc23y ]

Then Melissa leaves. Brokeback gets DDOS and I get banned and blamed as a result.
Video: [ https://streamable.com/66twp0 ]

3) Is this the reason all KOFs are banned?

Obviously not. This was just the beginning. After this ban I contacted the admin Killer of Feese, also known as Noose. He seemed alright at first, then got a weird, then bad, then absolutely AWFUL. He insisted I stay banned. I contacted their main admin ApproxDank who accepted my friend request, but was ignoring me and didn't respond to me for over 10 days. I tried to explain to both Im innocent and I haven't done anything. Approx said the ddoser isn't KOF. Noose kept saying it was "sus" and he was very weird too.

He then confirmed SM is disliked and apparently to my surprise I am too:

4) What happened after?

KoFs, Feese and other Brokeback characters started turning up on SM, kinda gloating and saying we need to fix our "shitty server". We argued with them and got rid of them.

They went to Officials to shit talk us and said we deserve our DDOS.

1) I went to Official UK server, KOF Chad's Foose and Fuckerino and a bunch of others were there. They started to blame me for the lag and be dicks.

Video: https://streamable.com/jrhzfy

2) Official server continues to be DDOS, Chad insults Monkwon says he forgives me then suddenly lag stops???

Video: https://streamable.com/vlkggu

3) Lag somehow disappears. Might be coincidence or the real ddoser was just in the server too.

Video: https://streamable.com/rcw0qv

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